tomm schultz, cedar rapids cadets, drum corpsI’m Tomm Schultz, and I played percussion in the Cedar Rapids Cadets from 1956 to 1961, primarily in the snare drum section. I started taking private drum lessons when I was about ten years old from Vern Kriz who was in the drum corps with my father, Dean Schultz. After some time, I was able to march with the corps playing the cymbals and learning as much as I could about drumming. I then joined the snare drum section and continued until I left the corps after the 1961 season. I only had limited contact with the Cadets after that, even though I marched in a few contests playing rudimentary bass.

I have developed a renewed interest and passion for drum corps in recent years and decided to develop a web site for the Cadets in an effort to reconnect with former members. Jeff Heefner, who I marched with for several years and who continued until he aged out at 21, has also helped me regain this focus, and I am grateful to him for his long friendship.

I have provided an alumni list mostly from memory and invite anyone to contact me to add or correct it as time allows. I will keep it as current as possible. I have also listed the songs that we played (that I can remember) and invite all to add and correct them as well. Please include the years if you know them.

I have found several articles and pictures of the Cadets, and although they don’t have the years identified, they are very interesting and I hope are enjoyable to see.

I have attended various contests in the past few years, and although the number of corps has been drastically reduced, the level of professionalism has become profound. I am in awe of the level of musicality and precision these corps represent. I am also proud of one of our former members, James Mason, who founded the Star of Indiana and later the Broadway production of Blast.

I have not lived in the Cedar Rapids area for many years, but the memories of the Cedar Rapids Cadets are fond ones, and I hope this site will renew your interest in drum corps and provide a means to connect with former members if you choose.

This web site is a work in progress and is intended to grow as more information becomes available. I only have a short history and a brief period with the corps.

Please feel free to contact me with any information or corrections, and I will do my best to add them.

All the best,